January Nature Watch

I think it has been universally rediscovered during lockdown, nature is one thing that remains at the heart and soul of our everyday lives.  Nothing can lift spirits more than experiencing the natural world and its inhabitants as we go about our daily business.

My daily dog walk is definitely a highlight of my day, getting out and about the brain fog starts to lighten,there always seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel whatever the weather. Just giving myself time to disconnect, recharge and focus on the small signs of spring is so satisfying, if you can watch bit of nature in January the rest of the year is going to be a breeze!! So I can’t wait for The Big Garden Birdwatch from our Yorkshire glamping site , enjoying an hour with nature discovering the wildlife on our doorstep.

The survey has been going for 40 years (I’ve  never taken part before) the data helps  increase our understanding of the challenges faced by wildlife.  To prepare for the birdwatch I have upped my game, we have peanuts, fat balls, wild bird seed and black nyger seeds(which hopefully attract goldfinches) for our guests to admire from their safari tents.  The master plan to make friends with the birds now and hopefully they will keep me and our glamping guests  company for the rest of the year. Revision has also taken place on the RSPB websites, looking up top tricks and tips to identify the most familiar garden birds, I have also listened to some birdsong!!

Sparrows are on my list of birds to correctly identify  house sparrow, tree sparrow or dunnock .

I love this description of the Dunnock, if you have a bird table you will have seen it, but may not of noticed, like someone who hides in the kitchen at parties, all you have to do is notice them, then you will see them alot marching to their own drum beneath the hedgerow.

I will update my sightings from our Yorkshire glamping site here!!