The Benefits of Glamping

Little North Field Safari Tent Luxury Glamping Yorkshire

The word says it all, a combination of glamorous and camping!

Glamping is an adventure for the whole family trying out new things together.

One of our customers summed this up perfectly:

We visited Little North Field for 3 nights in August as a family of four with two children under 5. The children were so excited to see the setup when we got there. It had all the modern comforts but with a sense of adventure – the camp fire was a real novelty. The owners were extremely welcoming and even came over to close all the windows for us during a thunder storm. There are so many beautiful places to visit nearby that we could easily have stopped for longer. I would highly recommend a stay here to anyone.

Adventure is totally a big part of a glamping experience, sleeping under canvas, watching the stars, keeping warm around the campfire and living life in the great outdoors from dawn till dusk. The best thing about being outside is the fresh air because helps you relax and unwind. This valuable time spent out doors really give us time to connect with nature, just being outside playing is so good for us, why nature is so good for children:

  • It builds confidence – there is a lot less structure than indoor play.
  • It promotes creativity and imagination – children can thing more freely, design their own activities and approach the world in inventive ways.
  • It teaches responsibility-living things die if not treated properly, they will learn what will happen if you pull up a plant too roughly and it comes away from roots or if you don’t water a plant.
  • It provides different stimulation- not just a video game you can smell, see, hear and touch outdoor environments.
  • It gets kids moving – most ways of interacting with nature involve exercise.
  • It makes them think- the phenomena that naturally occur in our backyards and parks everyday makes children ask questions about life and the earth.
  • It reduces stress and fatigue- in natural environments we feel pleasure as feel good endorphins are released.

At Little North Field glamping in Yorkshire we really want our families to relax, recharge and reconnect with nature, as we plan for our upcoming season natural outdoor activities are going to be key focus for us.

So expect lots of twigs, string, feathers,mud,stones and willow branches and lets see what our wildlife explorers can find/create !!

Let the glamping adventure begin.